Bridal Styling
An hour with a good fashion stylist can save you hundreds of hours looking at the wrong dresses.  The best hundred dollars you will spend on your wedding will be the consultation with an experienced fashion stylist that can save you from making a big mistake on the wrong dress.  Just because a bride likes a style of a dress does not mean that it is the most flattering design for her figure/complexion/personality and theme of the wedding.  A good fashion stylist can look at the bride and within seconds, knows the most flattering styles, colors, designs, fabrics, and level of formality for that bride.  You don’t want to look at your wedding photos five or ten years later and say to yourself, “What was I thinking with that awful dress?”  Taking only the advice of your friends and family is not a good idea.  L. A. Rose has the right fashion stylist to help you with this important decision.

Additionally, we can assist with your bridal portraits and photos.  By providing styling at the photo shoot, we will assure that the bride's hair, makeup, dress, accessories, flowers, props, etc. are portrayed in the most flattering manner.  We have years of experience directing photo shoots and the difference in the finished product with professional styling is amazing.

Wedding Party Styling - For the Groom, Mothers, and Entire Wedding Party
The bride isn't the only member of the wedding party that can benefit from styling and makeover assistance.  In fact, many times, the most dramatic makeovers are performed on the grooms.  Perhaps your diamond-in-the-rough groom could benefit from a makeover that will transform him into the handsome prince you know and love.

Let's not forget or leave out the mothers' of the bride and groom and other members of the wedding party, too.  Everyone that is participating in the wedding wants to look and feel their best and by doing so, your photos will go from okay to outstanding!


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