Professional Makeup Artistry for Beautiful Brides and the Members of Her Wedding Party
The makeup artist is the third most important person in the wedding after the bride and the groom.  We often see brides price shopping for every detail of their wedding.  This is a good thing in most circumstances, but not when it comes to the bride’s makeup artist. The bride will spend thousands on the dress, hundreds or thousands on the flowers, hundreds on the videographer, hundreds or thousands on the venue, decorations, and food/drink.  They usually try and find the best hair stylist possible.  But when it comes to their makeup, they either decide to do it themselves, or they try to find the cheapest makeup artist they can find. Many times they don’t even consider hiring a professional makeup artist and leave nothing in the budget for this important professional.  This is a HUGE mistake.  Consider this… If the venue looks lovely, and the dress is gorgeous, what does it matter if the bride looks awful because her makeup is wrong, or just plain bad?  What matters most is how the bride looks in the high-definition photographs and videos.  These are the memories that she will reflect upon for the rest of her life.  Makeup for high-definition photography is different than makeup for everyday wear. Unless the bride is a professional in the industry, she simply does not know how to do this herself.  The makeup artist and the photographer are the two most important professionals the bride should hire before she budgets for anything else.  Why?  Because a great makeup artist and experienced photographer can make everything look beautiful.  Yes, the makeup artist is even more important than the selection of the right dress.  L. A. Rose has the right makeup artist for you.  L. A. Rose offers wedding makeup to brides of all races and ages.  We also have experience in meeting the cultural needs of Indian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern weddings where multiple looks are required.  We do not offer Mehndi Henna stenciling or tattooing.
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