L. A. Rose likes to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible.  If you represent a womens'/mens' shelter and you feel that someone would benefit from a fashion, beauty or image makeover, please contact us to see if we can be of service.

We offer fashion-styling, image consulting and makeover services to select candidates from Dress for Success and other similar organizations that seek to empower men and women and return them to the work place.  We do not charge such organizations other than for our actual out-of-pocket expenses, such as if we must travel to your location, products used, etc.

We love to work with non-profit organizations to produce charity fashion shows and other similar events.  Fashion events are among the most successful fundraising tools that any organization can employ.  L. A. Rose can bring a touch of Hollywood to any event.

Also, if you are a plastic or reconstructive surgeon and you have a patient that would benefit from our services, we will be happy to assist your patient in their recovery efforts.

Sometimes small things can make huge differences in a life and nothing boosts confidence more than knowing that you are presenting your best image to the outside world.

We offer complimentary services to legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations whose purposes we believe in.  We only ask that you pay for the actual products used. 

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