L. A. Rose's philosophy about fashion styling is that there are no fashion "rules". Every body type is different and various styles are well suited to some individuals and simply don't work for other people. A person's lifestyle, budget, physique, occupation, ease-of-care issues and other factors need to be considered before selecting garments. For instance, a busy mother needs garments that can be easily washed, and not an entire wardrobe of silk blouses that all need to be dry cleaned. Anything goes for a rock star.

With L. A. Rose your wardrobe will enhance you and work with you, not against you. Your clothes will reflect your personal style and tastes, not ours.

L. A. Rose's wardrobe-consulting service focuses on building a wardrobe that is comprised of classic and essential pieces that will serve you for many seasons to come. We will identify your style by analyzing garments you already own, and assessing your reaction to various styles, colors and textures. We also carefully consider your age, personality, and color analysis. We like to evaluate the contents of your closet to help you build upon what you already have, or even just suggest new and stylish ways to accessorize what you already own.

Your clothes make a statement to the outside world and can have a significant impact upon how you are perceived by others.  Just think about the profound impact these outfits had on the individuals who wore them:  Vivian Leigh's green drapery dress and scandalous red dress in Gone With the Wind; Marilyn Monroe's iconic white pleated dress with the skirt blowing up in Some Like It Hot; Audrey Hepburn's classic black sheath dress with her pearls, tiara, and gloves in Breakfast at Tiffany.  Now, imagine if each of those women had been wearing sloppy ill-fitted jeans, and a wrinkled plaid shirt instead of those memorable outfits.  Think about the impact of the clothes on the characters/people who wore them and the messages portrayed by the clothes.  At L. A. Rose, we believe what you wear matters and your clothing should be given the importance it deserves.

Fashion styling is not just for the wealthy or famous.  It is more important for the mainstream client than for the celebrity.  Nothing can help you succeed and achieve your goals faster than conveying the right image to the outside world via your clothing.  Fashion styling is surprisingly affordable and everyone can benefit from a styling consultation.

L. A. Rose is truly passionate about clothing and believes a well put together outfit is a work of art.  You, too, can be a walking work of art in the right clothing.   Let us style you and make you not only look, but feel amazing.