L. A. Rose is a personal fashion stylist, certified image consultant and makeup artist with celebrity clients nationwide. She is a graduate of the prestigious Joe Blasco professional makeup institute in Hollywood and is certified in bridal, fantasy, glamour, horror, film, stage, theatre, and High-Definition TV makeup.  She has been a certified airbrush and MAC makeup artist for over twenty years.  L. A. Rose has performed virtually every job imaginable both behind the scenes and in the forefront of the beauty and fashion industries.

L. A. Rose was formerly the senior fashion director for the chain of Buffum's department stores, and the owner of the Les Modeles modeling agency in Southern California. She has also worked on stage productions, in print, television, and film for decades. Her work has appeared in major publications and on network television. She has also served as a makeup artist for the Miss USA pageant.

L. A. Rose has over two decades of experience in entertainment law, contract negotiations, litigation and artist management.

L. A. Rose is available as a fashion stylist, fashion coordinator, fashion commentator, makeup artist or pageant judge.  She has vast experience in all of these areas and frequently serves a professional judge in makeup artistry, modeling, fashion styling and design competitions.  For retail and commercial establishments, L. A. Rose also provides fashion merchandising assistance and fashion/sales training.  If your store is not doing well, within minutes L. A. Rose can assess the problem and provide concrete solutions.

L. A. Rose provides makeup and fashion-styling services to men, women, and children from all backgrounds, ages, and professions. She can make virtually anyone not only look better, but also feel better about themselves and the image they project.  L. A. Rose truly cares about people and likes to give back to the community.  She offers pro bono services to those in need and believes that even the smallest act of kindness can change someone's life forever.

L. A. Rose is not just a professional, but a consummate perfectionist. Her attention to details makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Her philosophy is that beauty, elegance, and style are timeless, and she prefers sophistication to fads.

L. A. Rose seeks to empower men and women every day and encourages them to never give up on any challenge.  She believes you should face adversity head on, pursue your dreams, and don't listen to anyone that puts you down.  L. A. Rose knows that anything is possible if you are wiling to put forth the effort to achieve it.

L. A. Rose has a true passion for beauty and fashion.  She is trying to make the world a more beautiful place - one face, one outfit, one confident person at a time.

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