Does L. A. Rose have any makeup instruction available online?

Yes, L. A. Rose has a website, 365 Cosmetic where she offers tips and tricks, and helpful tutorials on how to apply makeup like a professional, as well as telling you all about the best makeup products and the ones to avoid.  She has detailed instructions on how to apply false eyelashes and other types of information.  Visit the makeup tutorials on the Help page.

What types of makeup services does L. A. Rose offer?

L. A. Rose offers makeup services to anyone of any age, race, or sex who needs to look and feel better in any given situation.  This includes actors, brides, cosplay contestants, entertainers, models, musicians, pageant contestants, politicians, reunion attendees, TV personalities, and many others.  Whether you need makeup for a wedding, photo shoot, stage production, or contest, we can meet your needs.  We also offer spray tans for male and makeup for female body builders.

What is L. A. Rose's philosophy about makeup?

Nothing can enhance or change appearance more than makeup. It can take an otherwise "Plain Jane" and turn her into a glamour queen. It can hide flaws and create fantasy.

Makeup is only limited by your imagination. It stimulates creativity and unleashes beauty. It can also ruin a look faster than anything when applied incorrectly. Too much makeup can do more harm than good.

Makeup can also give an injured person the confidence they need to live their lives and to help them look and feel better about themselves thereby improving the quality of their life.  Makeup can also be of benefit to men to conceal scars, tattoos, etc.

L. A. Rose likes to enhance beauty rather than hide behind masks.

Can makeup be harmful?

L. A. Rose follows the absolute strictest of safety practices and has been formally educated in proper decontamination and sterilization procedures. Makeup can be dangerous in untrained hands. Makeup can even harbor bacteria or diseases if not handled properly.

Due to variations in regulations, anyone can call themselves a "makeup artist" even though they lack proper education. Hiring an untrained makeup artist can have serious consequences to your health. Before hiring a makeup artist, please ask questions about their training, sterilization and decontamination methods.

At L. A. Rose, we care about beauty, but don't believe in sacrificing health for beauty, EVER.

What types of makeup does L. A. Rose use?

To avoid potential sensitivities and allergies, L. A. Rose uses FDA-approved, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, cruelty-free cosmetics whenever possible.  A few products may contain natural fragrances, but we avoid all fragrances as much as possible.  Whenever possible, organic products that are good for the client and the environment are used.  We believe in protecting people, animals and the planet. 

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