There is a two-hour minimum for all services, plus travel expenses, if applicable. Our prices include our time in traveling to your location.

Check our Special Offers page.  We frequently offer discount promotions.  Repeat customers always receive discounts. 

Want FREE services?  Refer a client to us.  For every two hours they book, you receive one hour free!

*Fashion Styling Prices: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

New clients receive a complimentary consultation of up to one hour.

*Personal Shopping Prices: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

*Image Enhancement Services for Men: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

*Makeup Artistry Prices for Females: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

The application of false eyelashes is included at no additional charge for most makeups.

The average bridal makeup costs $200 for the bride alone, or $500 for the entire wedding party.  Please note that every situation is unique and your costs may be more or less than the fees listed here.  We do have monthly payment plans available for those with budgetary concerns.

Our fees do not include "trial runs".  Trial runs cost the same as any other service.  We do not typically perform trial runs for brides.  It is not necessary, as we can create absolutely any look you desire for your wedding day.  We do provide substantial discounts if you are booking us for an engagement/bridal portrait shoot at the same time you book the wedding.  We will provide bridal styling services for no additional charge if you book makeup services for your wedding.  We will suggest what we think would be most flattering, but if you have a specific look you are seeking, we will be happy to accommodate you.  If you are having a theme wedding, we can create any character you desire.  We employ actual Hollywood movie studio makeup artists, so there are no limitations.

*Makeup Artistry Prices for Males: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.  Males requesting drag services or special effects will be charged the same as females.)  The fee for a mixture of males and females will be the same as for all females.

The makeup fee will be based upon how simple/difficult the application process will be considering skin issues such as acne, age spots, allergies, birthmarks, blemishes, dark circles, enlarged pores, eye bags, Rosacea, scars, tattoos, wrinkles, etc. If you have young, flawless skin, your makeup application will be quick, easy, and less expensive than someone with numerous concealment issues.

Please be completely honest when completing your Client Information Form, as this will assist the makeup artist with having the proper products available to address your particular makeup and concealment issues.

All makeup applications requiring special effects and/or the application of prosthetics will incur additional charges.

Makeup Instruction Classes - (Depends upon number of students in class)

You may book an appointment, pay your monthly installment, or book an entire day of makeup services by clicking on the “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the page.  You may have family members or friends contribute to paying for your services by having them buy gift certificates on this site or paying installments for you.

*Complete Makeover Prices:

A complete makeover can combine as few or as many services you desire and we will put together a custom package for you to address your personal style or appearance issues.  A comprehensive complete makeover will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Personal Interview;
  2. Style Assessment including coloring, body type, lifestyle, personality, wardrobe ease-of-care factors, profession, and hobbies;
  3. Wardrobe Evaluation;
  4. Hairstyle Evaluation and/or Complete New Hairstyle;
  5. Skin Evaluation;
  6. Makeup Analysis;
  7. Complete Makeup Application;
  8. Before and After Photos;
  9. Optional Professional Photo shoot; and
  10. Optional Half-day or Full-day of shopping for new clothing.

*Complete makeover prices range from $200 to $800 depending upon how many services are desired and the anticipated number of hours that will be needed to perform the makeover.   The complete makeover is our number one and most requested gift.   You can select one item, two items, or the complete works package with all ten items.

Gift Certificate Prices:

We have gift certificates available in any denomination from $40 on up.  Giving someone a gift that will enhance their looks and improve their self esteem is the most thoughtful and appreciated of all gifts.  The benefits are long lasting and can even change someone's life.   We will be happy to beautifully wrap and deliver your gift on your behalf.  You may purchase a gift certificate at the bottom of this page.  If your desired amount is not listed, please let us know and we will send an invoice.

One of the most difficult things to do in the service industry is to establish pricing that is both fair to the client and to the artist/stylist. We offer the above as pricing guidelines, only. We are always willing to negotiate pricing if it feels prohibitive to the client. We will work within your budget. We will match competitors' prices for those with similar training and experience. It is not wise to hire any professional based upon price alone. There are many other factors to consider. 

Our primary goal is to provide quality makeup and fashion services not just to celebrities, but the mainstream client, as well. We consistently find that people assume that professional makeup artists and fashion stylists are only for the wealthy or famous. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, for the cost of one outfit or less, an experienced fashion stylist can revamp your entire wardrobe. For the cost of a spa visit, a professional makeup artist can completely transform your look and provide you with beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

*NOTE:  Prices are subject to change at any time.  Your prices are not guaranteed until your services have been confirmed and your date has been formally reserved.  New customers must pay a deposit to reserve your date and confirm your appointment.  All appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Priority is given to repeat customers and commercial clients.  Established customers do not need to provide deposits to book appointments.

We offer PayPal as a convenience to our customers.  You do NOT have to use PayPal.  Please contact us for alternative payment methods.

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