Some of the Services/Training L. A. Rose Offers to Models:

  1. Perfecting the Runway Walk: There are many different styles and L. A. Rose can teach all of them. Each model must develop a walk that is right for them based upon their look, their stride, and their attitude. The model must be able to change her/his walk according to the designers' wishes and the type of show. For example, a petite model that is primarily suited for active wear is going to have a different walk than a six-foot tall model that is walking haute-couture runways for designers. And a fitness model would be completely different. Male models also need runway instruction and versatility training. Obviously, a child's walk is unique, but even children need runway instruction.
  2. Spokesperson Training: This is an area that is often overlooked. Most people don't realize how important it is for a model to speak professionally in public. A successful model must be able to present products effectively, as well as present herself/himself to designers, photographers, and casting directors. L. A. Rose can teach you the techniques that will make a lasting difference in your career.
  3. Posing Techniques: A model must be able to showcase the clothing, as well as herself/himself. She/He must know her/his own body, how to move, and how to keep the photographs fresh and interesting. This is achieved through her/his ability to appear artistic, without being awkward, or posing in an unflattering manner.
  4. Portfolio Development: L. A. Rose can help you decide how many photographs, what kind of photographs, how many different looks, versatility, fashion choices, etc. The model's portfolio will determine if agents will cast the model in high-fashion couture shows, catalogs, TV commercials, or she/he will end up never being called. L. A. Rose can help you develop a professional portfolio that will get results.
  5. Composite Card Creation: A composite card is like a mini-portfolio on a postcard. You leave a composite card with an agent or casting director. It features several photographs and some biographic information so the agents can remember you. It is a very important marketing tool. L. A. Rose can help you create very professional composite cards.
  6. Makeup Application and Instruction: A model will usually have a makeup artist and hair stylist that will style her/him for a fashion show or photo shoot, but there are many times that the stylists are overbooked and the models must know how to do it themselves whenever necessary. A good model must know how to correct her/his own flaws and apply makeup professionally and fashionably. (A coach, mother or guardian must be able to do it for her/him, if she/he is too young to do it for herself/himself.)  For experienced models, they understand the importance of a professional makeup artist in making their photographs marketable. The objective of modeling photographs is to get you hired. If you are an inexperienced model just starting out in the business and wanting to get that big break, nothing can have a more positive influence on your photographs than the hiring of the right makeup artist.L. A. Rose has the makeup artists than can set your photographs apart from the rest of the crowd. Our goal is to help get you hired for high paying modeling jobs. 
  7. The Business Necessities: When do you sign a release? What should be in the release? Do you keep the negatives or the digital media, or do you assign the rights to the photographer? Do you need to copyright your work? How do you copyright your work? How do you hire a manager and/or an agent? What are the acceptable terms? Should you work for free and trade services? What should be in the contract? Do you need a lawyer? Do you need a separate tax I.D. number? You need to know how to protect your rights and L. A. Rose can help you.

Helpful Tips:
Almost everyone wants to be a model.  Very few people who attempt to have a career in modeling ever attain success. Very few people work enough that they can support themselves solely through modeling. L. A. Rose can train you so that you can join that select, elite group of people who actually succeeds in this tough industry. L. A. Rose worked as a successful model and owned her own modeling agency.  L. A. Rose knows the industry inside and out and can teach you the tools of the trade. There is no substitution for 20+ years of experience.
Please don't waste your money at a modeling school that is just going to charge you a fortune for a bunch of photos and a few worthless classes.  They only care about making money off of you, not making money FOR you. When you are successful, and spread the word about our services, we are successful.  We won't waste your time or ours. We will also be honest with you as to whether you have the right physique and features to make it as a model. Friends and relatives won't be truthful with you; we will.

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