Some of the Services L. A. Rose offers to Pageant Contestants/Organizers:

  1. Perfecting Interview Techniques: This is more important than most people realize. Many pageants are won and lost due to the interview sessions. Judges usually know who is going to win before they ever see them on stage just as a result of the interviews. (L. A. Rose is a pageant judge and knows what they look for.)
  2. Fashion Styling: L. A. Rose will help you select the proper interview outfits, attractive casual wear, the most flattering and dramatic formal wear, and talent outfits that will help you to win, etc. (What you wear can have more impact on whether you win or lose than almost any other factor.)
  3. Makeup Application: L. A. Rose will go with you to a pageant and apply the makeup, or she will teach you how to do it yourself. (She will teach the coach or parent/guardian, if the contestant is a minor.)
  4. Walking and Turns: L. A. Rose will teach you how to walk and turn gracefully and elegantly. She will also teach you how to properly present your outfits and evening wear for the most dramatic impact.
  5. Talent Competition: L. A. Rose can assist with costume design and proper presentation of the act for the maximum impact. We can show you how to keep your routine light, fun, and entertaining to best showcase your personality.  We also have a choreographer on staff to assist with your routines.

  6. Photography: L. A. Rose will oversee a photo shoot to achieve the best possible results. At photo shoots, L. A. Rose will do the makeup, style the clothes and supervise the poses, lighting, etc. Every pageant contestant needs great head shots and full-length photos.
  7. Judging:  L. A. Rose has over a decade of experience judging both national and regional pageants and competitions.  She is fair, unbiased and goes out of her way to make the contestants feel at ease.
  8. Emcee/Host:  L. A. Rose will be happy to serve as a hostess or mistress of ceremonies for your event.  She has extensive experience in this area.
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