We receive numerous requests each day for makeup services. Before you contact us, please be advised that we do not provide wedding makeup services unless your wedding is an alternative, Gothic, or horror themed wedding.

We offer supervisory and makeup design services to commercial entities such as film and TV production companies, magazines, photographers, etc.

We provide makeup instruction services and decontamination classes to makeup artists and those desiring to learn how to do their own makeup safely.

We no longer offer special effects prosthetics creation.

We offer costume design and fashion styling services to everyone, including alternative bridal styling.

If we can be of service, we’d love to work with you. Please send an email with the details of your job or proposal.

To Contact or Book Services with L A Rose:

Email –

If requesting services or a price quote, please include the following in your message:

1.  Your name and company;

2.  The date of your event;

3.  The location of your event (city/state/venue);

4.  The type of event (film, photo shoot, music video, etc.);

5.  A phone number where we can reach you and during what hours.